Frequently Asked Questions

You will recieve a 95 gallon roll-cart for trash pickup.

Your price is protected for one year and we don't want to lose you as a customer so any price changes will be minimal.

Yes, simply mark the start date you would like to begin your service. Your actual start date will be realative to your first pick up day.

Over 30 years in several market places.

That's okay! Just set them next to your container and we will take up to 2 bags at no additional cost. If you have more than 2 additional bags give us a call.

Your garbage is billed quarterly, every three months, in advance.
You can check your last bill and it will indicate which months you have prepaid. Start the week after your last week from you prepaid bill.
By signing the service agreement your rate will remain the same for 1 year.
We will remove large and bulky items like furniture and certified refrigerators if the resident calls in advance of pick up. However, there may be an additional charge which will be quoted at that time.
Yes, but only if the contents are completely solidified. Please do not put out paint cans that still have liquids inside. Fill the cans with cat litter and set them out when solidified.
No, I don't think any garbage company takes oil. Residents bring used oil to a service station for disposal.
If you just barely missed it, call us. The trucks are radio-dispatched and the driver may still be in your area and it may be possible to return. This will not happen if the trash is set out the night before. If the truck has left the neighborhood, the truck will pick it up for an additional charge or will collect it with the next week's garbage.
The time depends on weather and changes in our routes. We ask that the trash is at the curb at 6:00 am. The trucks leave our locations very early so it is always best to set out the trash the night before your scheduled pick up day.

Have Any More Questions?

We answer questions as qucikly as we can so please fill out our form to send in any additional questions you may have regarding our service.